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Government determined to implement clauses of "Carthage Document" (Youssef Chahed)

Published the:  17/03/2017

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The National Unity Government is determined to implement the clauses of the "Carthage Document," said Thursday evening Head of Government Youssef Chahed.

"The government will intensify co-ordination with parties and organisations which signed the Carthage Document," he told a plenary session of the House of People's Representatives (HPR) dedicated to the vote of confidence to the two newly appointed government members.

In response to MPs, Chahed urged politicians to promote their political discourse and focus on priority issues of concern to citizens. The objective being, he pointedout, to move from an emerging democracy to a solid and lasting one.

"Preserving national unity is the greatest challenge for Tunisian people," Chahed underlined, calling for settling disputes, especially as "the country can no longer bear tensions."

Regarding the Higher Council of the Judiciary (CSM), the head of government specified that his cabinet was fully prepared to withdraw his legislative initiative if magistrates reach an agreement.

"The government is against any any interference in justice affairs," he assured.

As regard municipal elections, Youssef Chahed explained that for the the transition process in Tunisia to continue to be succeful these elections should be held this year.

The PM pointed out the importance of providing all the conditions for the success of this electoral event as it is a major milestone in the decentralisation process.

"The establishment of temporary special delegations has taken a long time," he added, stressing the need to speed up the resolution of the CSM's crisis so that it can set up administrative courts in a first phase.

"The elections can not be organised in the absence of these courts," he specified.

Chahed reiterated his cabinet's commitment to bring all the conditions for the success of municipal elections, which will lead to the election of some 7,200 individuals that will undoubtedly favour a qualitative leap in the political landscape.

With regard to the worsening of the trade deficit, the head of government said that this situation has continued for a number of years because of the rise in imports whose value has now reached 42,000 million dinars.

As to corruption, Chahed affirmed that the handling of this issue requires the establishment of a legislative arsenal, assuring that the government had already begun to draft the necessary laws," citing as an example the recent adoption of the law on the denunciation of corruption and the protection of whistleblowers.

In the same vein, Chahed pointed out that the draft law on the National Anti-Corruption Authority will be submitted to the Parliament next week, whereas the draft law on illicit enrichment will be on the Cabinet meeting's agenda on March 24.