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SMIG to rise 5.65% (PG)

Published the:  16/03/2017

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The inter-professional guaranteed minimum wage (SMIG) will rise 5.65%, Prime Minister Youssef Chahed announced as he addressed Thursday the House of People's Representatives (HPR) which convened to vote on his Religious Affairs and Secretary of State for Trade nominees, Ahmed Adhoum and Abdellatif Hmam respectively.

"Positive discrimination, as provided for under the Constitution, will be implemented for the first time since the Revolution," Chahed highlighted. The government took the appropriate steps to achieve tax justice.

The government drafted a bill on assets declaration, fight against illicit enrichment and conflict of interest in the public sector, the Premier also indicated; this will help hold accountable public officials suspected of illicit acquisition of wealth.

Social security funds (CNAM, CNSS and CNRPS) post a deficit of 2 billion dinars that will have to be paid by the State, Chahed said in another connection. Hence the need to embark soon a reform process.

"The government of national unity chose to be the one of far-reaching reforms" and political debate has to focus on these orientations. "Those who do not approve, have to produce alternatives and present them to the public," the Prime Minister said.