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RCM on houses built on State lands due Monday (Youssef Chahed)

Published the:  26/03/2017

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Prime Minister Youssef Chahed announced on Sunday that a Restricted Cabinet Meeting (RCM) will be held on Monday, to assess the situation of housing and popular neighbourhoods built for decades on thousands of hectares belonging to the State without land titles.

After a set of field visits to Belour neighbourhood in Naâsane (Ben Arous), Ennahli neighbourhood (Ariana) and SNIT neighbourhood in Borj Touil (Ariana) on Sunday morning, Chahed pointed out to the press that the situation of these dwellings is no longer acceptable, recognising, nevertheless, that the inhabitants of these districts have received no assistance whatsoever.

"We have decided to make this issue a priority of the government," he specified.

Accompanied by Local Affairs and Environment Minister Riadh Mouakhar and Secretary of State Properties and Land Affairs Mabrouk Korchid, the PM said that owning a house is a right, assuring that Monday's RCM will look at these situations.

For his part, Korchid specified that the number of neighbourhoods similar to those visited by the delegation amounts to 979 spread over 11 thousand hectares belonging to the State.

The regularisation of the situation of the inhabitants of these popular neighbourhoods will put an end to the emergence of other anarchic dwellings, according to him.

Riadh Mouakhar affirmed that the newly-created municipalities will be accompanied in their efforts to regularise land situations, once the municipal system is generalised.