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Chahed calls for promoting entrepreneurship

Published the:  18/03/2017

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Prime Minister Youssef Chahed on Saturday called for the need to encourage entrepreneurship among young entrepreneurs and graduates of higher education, stressing the commitment of the state to provide funding, support and favourable conditions for the creation of projects.

Speaking at a meeting with the students of the Institute of Higher Business Studies (IHEC) of Carthage, Chahed said that the promotion of entrepreneurship is among the priorities of the national unity government, adding that the vision of his government for the years to come is to train a generation of leaders in all fields.

He also emphasised the need to create a new generation of politicians and economists and to create a supportive environment for young people who led the revolution to participate in public life and political, economic and societal dialogue.

Chahed also considered it essential to rethink the role of the State, a role, he said, which must remain social through the creation of a climate conducive to investment, protection of categories and social strategic sectors.

In this context, he pointed out that several sectors have failed to achieve the level of competitiveness of the private sector, calling on Tunisians to work productively in order to face the challenges and create wealth in the regions.

He also called on Tunisian youth to be more optimistic about the future of Tunisia, which, despite the difficult economic situation, has succeeded in accomplishing achievements in democratic transition such as the promulgation of a new Constitution and the conduct of legislative and presidential elections.

In this context, he called them to participate in the municipal elections scheduled for the end of 2017.

On the other hand, Chahed said that his government will examine in 2017 four major reforms that concern the social funds, the civil service, the financing of the national economy and the restructuring of public enterprises.