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Protests in some regions are due to vague promises made by previous governments (Chahed)

Published the:  17/04/2017

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(TAP) - The President of the Government Youssef Chahed described on Sunday evening social protests in many regions as "legitimate," blaming the various governments that have succeeded for six years for these protest movements.

The legitimate claims of the inhabitants of certain regions, he said, are the result of "vague promises" made by these successive governments.

These demands come in the wake of the non-satisfaction of "old promises" that have not been fulfilled, since they are "above the means of the State," he added in an interview Sunday evening broadcast simultaneously on the "Al Watanyia 1" and "Al Hiwar Attounsi" TV channels and on "Mosaique FM" waves.

Chahed pointed out that the National Unity Government will break with the policy of broken promises and will focus on feasible development plans and projects, based on a clear and predetermined timetable.

He specified that these projects will be announced during the next visits he will make in many regions as of this week, expressing the wish to see the protesters regain confidence in the government.

In this regard, Youssef Chahed underlined that his government will be frank about the country\\'s difficult economic situation, recalling the difficult socio-economic situation he has inherited, stressing, however, that "the government assumes all its responsibilities and works, as it should, to overcome all the difficulties" facing it.

Addressing this situation is not only the responsibility of the government, but also of all political parties, national organisations and the civil society, he stressed.

Moreover, Chahed insisted on the need to give hope to Tunisians and youths in particular and to avoid the accusative political discourse towards the government by reinventing "a discourse that is equal to the major stakes awaiting the country."

He accused some political parties of hindering economic activity, holding an election campaign before the hour and holding "a demoralising political discourse and autoflagellation."

The PG considered that political parties in Tunisia are not yet a force of proposal. According to him, they do not properly assume their role of supervision and sensitisation notably in the regions, which, implied a lack of confidence in the government\\'s action.