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Chahed announces immediate dismantling of SIAP polluting units

Published the:  20/04/2017

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(TAP)- Polluting units in SIAP will immediately be dismantled to guarantee the right of citizens to a healthy environment, The President of the Government Youssef Chahed Thursday announced as he visited the factory premises in Sfax.

The site of these industrial facilities, which will remain the State\\'s property, will be rehabilitated. Loans to the tune of 75 MTD will be earmarked for the rehabilitation programme that provides for building a technology park, a training centre and a sports facility. All this will increase the attractiveness of the city of Sfax, Chahed indicated.

A timeframe will be defined for the dismantling and rehabilitation and the building of a new technology park while being heedful of the need to preserve environment in the region.

The rights of SIAP staff will be secured, the PG said without elaborating. He also did not comment on whether there will be continued production of single superphosphate (SSP) which the Tunisian Chemical Group (GCT) sees as a non-polluting alternative to phosphoric acid production.

The Environment and Development Coordination in Sfax, which brings together 40 civil society organisations, and other components of local civil society are determined to put an end to phosphate production in the city.

Several SIAP employees urged The President of the Government, as he arrived in Sfax, not to close down the factory. Ennahdha MP in the governorate Badreddine Abdelkefi told TAP the issue of a continued SSP production was not settled yet pending the results of a study underway. This is what was agreed at a meeting held recently in Sfax with the participation of several actors (the labour union UGTT, the GCT and the Environment and Development Coordination in Sfax.)