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Package of measures for Sfax, says Youssef Chahed

Published the:  20/04/2017

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(TAP)- The President of the Government Youssef Chahed, who started Thursday a two-day visit to Sfax, said a host of decisions will be announced.

Target sectors include health, infrastructure, development, sports and environment, Chahed indicated as he arrived at Sfax-Thyna Airport. These measures are geared towards restoring confidence in a region that played a crucial role in the national liberation movement as well as in January 14 Revolution.

"Sfax endured marginalisation over the recent years contrary to what some may think," the Prime Minister highlighted. There is need to make up for this and get closer to citizens and youths, particularly those unemployed, by means of providing labour contracts.

Youssef Chahed will visit some projects, regions and working-class districts along with a number of ministers and the Governor of Sfax. He is also expected to meet with local businessmen to consider new private sector projects.