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The President of the Government announces series of projects in Sfax

Published the:  20/04/2017

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(TAP) – The President of the Government Youssef Chahed announced on Thursday in Sfax a package of measures for the region. These measures include:

- Launching this year of studies on the development of the Sfax-Kasserine-Sidi Bouzid motorway, over a 200 km length, with a budget of 800 million dinars.

- Starting the prospective study on the city of Sfax and its urban development by 2050.

- Launching the seawater desalination project (220 m3) with a cost of about one thousand million dinars. The call for tenders for this project will be published during the month of May.

- Taparura project: issuing a new call for tenders next May.

- Acquisition of a land (58 ha) for the construction of the sports city project.

- Increasing the capacity of the football stadium from 30 thousand to 40 thousand spectators.

- Accelerating the resolution of problems that impede the development of the digital library project and the development of the municipal theatre.

- Rehabilitation of 20 popular neighborhoods.

- Expansion of the sewerage network in certain regions of the governorate at a cost of 36 million dinars.

- Acquisition of medical equipment for Habib Bourguiba and El Hencha hospitals.

- Opening of a CNAM office in Kerkennah.

- Approval of applications for 600 micro projects.

The President of the Government called to redouble efforts to succeed in implementing these projects, which, he said, will have a positive impact on boosting development in the governorate.

During this visit, Chahed went to the site of the new university hospital (CHU) of Sfax.

This project will be realised in the delegation of Thyna at the peripheral road (Km 9), through a Chinese donation of 120 MD.

The new hospital, which has been under construction since December 2016 and will continue for 40 months, will be built on an area of ​​108 thousand m2, of which 26 thousand m2 is covered.

Several site workers complained about the difficult working conditions and the absence of security measures, claiming that they were not covered by social security.

Chahed also learned about the rehabilitation project of El Aguerba and Erriadh neighbourhoods, carried out by the Urban Renewal Agency (ARRU), for the benefit of 6 thousand inhabitants, with a budget of 6.5 MD.

Work of this project has reached a progress rate of 95%.

The programme for the rehabilitation of working-class neighborhoods in Sfax (2013-2017) will benefit 73,000 inhabitants. The funds allocated to this programme totaled 39 MTD.