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PG cuts short visit to Tataouine

Published the:  27/04/2017

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(TAP) - The President of the Government Youssef Chahed cut short his visit to Tataouine amid high social tensions.

He was expected to go this afternoon to the industrial zone, the Nejib Khattab stadium and the municipal swimming pool.

The programme of his visit also included a visit to the Social Welfare Center in Mahrajane district and the Sectoral Vocational Training Centre in Tataouine Jadida.

Youssef Chahed went to Beni Mhira on Thursday morning to announce the creation of a delegation.

In Ksar Oun, the Premier visited the Tataouine saltworks “Les Salines de Tataouine”

At the end of his visit to the two localities, Youssef Chahed chaired this morning a regional day on boosting micro-projects.

The meeting was interrupted by protests of the participants dissatisfied with the measures and decisions announced by the PM on the occasion.

Youssef Chahed had began his visit in Tataouine by announcing his decision confer the status of delegation to the locality of Beni Mehira.

This locality was formerly part of the delegation of Smar.

To the people of Beni Mehira, Youssef Chahed reaffirmed "the commitment of the national unity government to work to give them more support and care due to the difficult development conditions" in the region.

The President of the Government was accompanied by a number of ministers and secretaries of state, including Minister of Trade and Industry, Ziad Laadhari, Minister of Vocational Training and Employment, Imed Hammami, Minister of Energy, Mining and Renewable Energies, Hela Cheikhrouhou and Minister of Social Affairs Mohamed Trabelsi.