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Prices of consumer products will be affordable, says Premier

Published the:  30/04/2017

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(TAP) - "Prices of consumer products (vegetables, fruits, meats) will show a decreasing trend and will be affordable, especially as Ramadan is looming," Premier Youssef Chahed said as he visited Sunday the central market downtown Tunis.

Notwithstanding a recent downward trend, an array of measures was instituted last week in connection to market supply and control to see further price cuts.

Efforts will continue to adjust the prices of consumer goods to the purchasing power of citizens, the Premier said. A meeting with managers of supermarkets is set for next week to address ways to force prices down.

A number of citizens voiced discontent at the ongoing increase in the prices of vegetables, fruits, meats and fish and told the Premier there is need to step up market control, sanction fraudulent traders and bring prices down.

Merchants in the central market said the number of customers significantly dropped, particularly on Sundays, as a result of parallel markets, skyrocketing prices, lack of hygiene and the small area of the market. They also spoke of speculation and failures in distribution channels.