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Labour Day: twenty exemplary workers and eight companies honoured

Published the:  01/05/2017

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(TAP) - A ceremony was held Monday at the Convention Centre in Tunis, on the celebration of Labour Day.

The ceremony saw the presentation of the exemplary Worker Award, the Social Progress Award, the Award of Advisory and Joint Committees of Companies and the National Occupational Health and Safety Award for 2016.

The exemplary worker award was given to 20 employees, 10 from the public sector and 10 from the private sector, who distinguished themselves for their dedication and contribution to promoting their business and the national economy.

The Social Progress Award, granted to public and private companies which have distinguished themselves by their constant efforts to promote the working conditions of their employees and to consolidate dialogue and consultation within the company in 2016, was presented to "Ooredoo Tunisia" (Governorate of Tunis).

The award was presented to Youssef Masri, a Lebanese national.

The same prize was also awarded to the Unimed laboratories (Sousse governorate) and handed over to Ridha Charfeddine and the fuel storage and transport company (Medenine governorate). The award was presented to Mohamed Jouini.

The Award of Advisory and Joint Committees of Companies in respect of 2016 was attributed to Attijari Bank Tunisia and handed over to Moroccan Hichem Sfa and to the regional company of passenger transport of Bizerte and handed to Béchir Doqui.

The National Occupational Health and Safety Award, which recognises private companies for their continuing workplace health and safety efforts through workstation layout, ensuring the best hygiene conditions in the workplace and strengthening the prevention of occupational risks, was granted in 2016 to Bouzguenda Brothers (governorate of Tunis) and handed over to Ahmed Bouzguenda. The same prize presented to Khaled Sallami was awarded to Essilor SIVO (Sfax) and Nolam Tunisia (governorate of Ben Arous)

The following is a list of the recipients of the 2016 Exemplary Worker Award:

In the public service sector:

 - Hichem Saadi: Presidency of the Republic

 - Raouf Jebali: House of People's Representatives

 - Abdelaziz Talbi: Prime Ministry:

 - Mourad Dhambri: Ministry of the Interior

 - Monia Lassoued: Ministry of Social Affairs

 - Tarek Khmiri: Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries

 - Mounir Jelassi: Ministry of Justice

 - Bechir Ben Amor: Ministry of Education

 - Abdelhamid Yahyaoui: Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment

  - Soula Ben Hassen Ben Soula: Ministry of Public Works, Housing and Spatial Planning

  In the private sector:

 - Mouldi Zouari: Tunisian Chemical Group (Governorate of Gafsa)

 - Mohamed Achech: LEONI Wiring Systems (Sousse Governorate)

 - Riadh Romdhani: Tobacco Factory of Kairouan

 - Sawsen Louhichi: International Sewing Company in Souassi (Governorate of Mahdia)

 - Moncef Ajroudi: Tunisian Chemical Group, phosphoric acid plant (governorate of Gabes)

 - Nourredine Bouajila: Tunisian Union of Agriculture and Fisheries (Governorate of Tataouine)

 - Lanwar Cherbib: Bizerte Cement Company

 - Bilel Hannachi: MARJA Livestock and Agriculture Development Corporation (Jendouba Governorate)

 - Mohamed Boughanmi: The “Générale Industrielle Alimentaire du Nord».

 - Ridha Bousaid: Amir Palace Hotel (Monastir Governorate)