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Mannouba: Youssef Chahed kicks off national campaign to regularise agricultural land situation

Published the:  03/05/2017

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(TAP) - The President of the Government Youssef Chahed kicked off Tuesday in Mannouba the national campaign to regularise the agricultural land situation and to grant property to 40 thousand cases affected by this measure on all the territory of the Republic before the promulgation of the 1995 law on unresolved agricultural real estate.

The PG was accompanied during the visit by Ministers of Agriculture Samir Betaieb and of Equipment Mohamed Salah Arfaoui and the Secretary of State for State Property and Land Affairs Rachid Kourchid.

On the fringes of the visit during his meeting with two persons who are beneficiaries of the land regularisation procedure in Habibia, a delegation in Jedaida (Ariana governorate), where they exploit lots of land, Chahed announced that "the campaign aims to regularise the land situation as regards appropriation so as to involve thousands of farmers in the economic circuit and reboot investment and development in all regions, which is likely to give a great boost to the economy and offer the State substantial returns while alleviating the difficulties faced by farmers so that they can develop their projects by benefiting from bank loans and various other privileges."

In another connection, Youssef Chahed gave his instructions during his visit to the locality of Fejja, in the Mannouba governorate, where he met the inhabitants, to grant the ownership of the houses occupied by 1,073 families on lands of the State since the seventies and where live almost 5 thousand inhabitants without titles of ownership over an area of ​​26 hectares. A total of 70 beneficiaries had concluded contracts with the State in the period from 1986 to 2002. Beneficiaries will make the most of this regularisation measure at symbolic prices, taking into account their social conditions.

Mabrouk Korchid specified to TAP that the regularisation of houses on State lands will benefit thousand houses on the territory of the Republic over 11 thousand hectares at symbolic prices. The decrees regulating this measure are being published, he added.

"These dwellings were built on State lands with good intention and for the purpose of owning the property, but this regularisation measure will not include the houses built illegally under the form neighbourhoods on communal lands after the revolution," he specified.

The official pointed out that the governorate of Mannouba counts 58 agglomerations built on State lands over 370 hectares, with a total of 20,360 dwellings.

He underlined that the decision of agricultural land regulation have involved five farmers in the governorate of Mannouba out of 33 files adopted by the regional commission in the governorate, while 305 applications for regulation had been filed.

The inhabitants of Fejja called on the Premier to notably speed up the land regularisation of their homes, connect thm to the sewage network and to accelerate the achievement of the special social housing programme that counts 1,537 dwellings for the benefit of families with limited income.

They also raised the issue of the housing allotments which the housing agency is achieving and the establishment of a neighborhood sports field and a youth centre.

The President of the Government ordered in this regard, to provide a space belonging to the State in the region with sports equipment for the exercise of sports activities.

Besides, Chahed familiarised during this visit with the experience of an agricultural firm specialised in the production of fruit seedlings and fruit sorting over an area of ​​58 hectares.

He expressed his support to this project "which will undoubtedly contribute to the production of seedlings and nurseries while a ban is imposed for the import of several seedlings such as those of olive trees, in order to preserve the healthy state of plantations and guard against bacterial diseases."