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Chahed urges governors to anticipate protests to mitigate their effects and avoid their exploitation

Published the:  21/05/2017

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(TAP) – The President of the Government Youssef Chahed called on governors to intensify the work on the ground, to listen to citizens, learn about their concerns and anticipate protests in order to mitigate their effects and avoid their exploitation.

Chairing Sunday morning the first ordinary session 2017 of the Conference of Governors at El Aouina barracks, Youssef Chahed stressed the need to establish a culture of dialogue in dealing with social protests.

Governors should be considered as representatives of the local authority on the basis of a policy of proximity with the citizens, he insisted.

"Peaceful protests that do not block roads and do not constitute a hindrance to the exploitation of production sites are not a problem," said Youssef Chahed, recalling the measures taken by the government to promote employment in the various regions of the country, including the "Dignity Contract" programme and the micro finance mechanism for young entrepreneurs.

The President of the Government also called for building on the positive indicators achieved, particularly economic recovery in terms of production, exports and foreign investment.

It is therefore appropriate to accelerate the implementation of blocked projects in the regions to reach higher levels of growth and a better employment rate, he added.

The growth rate recorded in the first quarter of the current year at around 0.9% has so far created 15 thousand jobs, said the Prime Minister.

Youssef Chahed highlighted, in this context, the role of the governor as a representative of decentralised and regional authority and in the realisation of the government programmes, boosting development in the regions and creating additional jobs.

The PG also pointed out that the priorities set out in the Carthage Document should also be followed; namely the fight against terrorism, boosting development and employment and protection of the environment.

On another level, Youssef Chahed called on governors to maintain good relations with national organisations and civil society through the organization of periodic meetings, while taking into account their recommendations and observations.

Speaking about the municipal elections scheduled for December 17, 2017, Chahed said this event will be a decisive step in the process of democratic transition in Tunisia to bring a new dynamics at the regional and local levels and to establish a new relationship between the governor and the municipal council.

On the agenda of the conference of governors, remarks by Minister of the Interior Hédi Majdoub on the general security situation in the country and preparations for the next elections.

Minister of Development, Investment and International Co-operation, Fadhel Abdelkefi will provide an overview of development in the regions and Secretary of State in charge of Trade Abdellatif Hmam will talk about preparations for the Holy month of Ramadan.