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Youssef Chahed:

Published the:  24/05/2017

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(TAP) – The President of the Government Youssef Chahed said, on Wednesday, "the government will fight a battle against corruption to the end and assumes its responsibilities in this regard."

Youssef Chahed\\'s statement comes afterTuesday’s arrest campaigns against several businessmen suspected of corruption.

Speaking to reporters at the Kasbah Palace on Wednesday, the Premier called on Tunisians to "get together in this battle".

"There is no choice in the war against corruption, the point is to choose between Tunisia or corruption," he said.

 "Like all Tunisians, I have chosen the State and Tunisia," said the PG.”

Chafik Jarraya, a businessman and Yassine Chennoufi, a businessman and former presidential candidate in 2014, were arrested on Tuesday and put under house arrest.