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"Cereal harvest for this year should reach nearly 18 million quintals," according to Youssef Chahed

Published the:  08/06/2017

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"The cereal harvest will generally be good for this year especially in the governorate of Béja," The President of the Government announced on Thursday, as the harvest season begins in the region.

"The harvest is expected to reach almost 18 million quintals, which will undoubtedly contribute to boosting the agricultural sector and to achieve positive growth indicators from this year on," he said.

According to Chahed, new measures will be adopted in favour of the agricultural sector, which remains at the heart of the priorities of the national unity government.

The cereal harvest of the governorate of Béja is expected to be 3.2 million quintals of wheats. Some 43 collection centers with a capacity of 3.2 million quintals were mobilised for this purpose.

Youssef Chahed made a visit to the governorate of Béja on Thursday, during which he announced a series of projects and measures covering the fields of agriculture, infrastructure, industry , Trade, health, environment, tourism, youth, sports, transport and land affairs.

"These measures and projects will be carried out within 18 months," promised Chahed at a special session of the Regional Council of Governorate of Béja.