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Chahed kicks off environmental police deployment

Published the:  13/06/2017

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(TAP) - The President of the Government Youssef Chahed kicked off on Tuesday the deployment of the environmental police in charge of reinforcing the municipalities' capacities in matters of ​​cleanliness.

Chahed familiarised with the equipment, cars and positioning systems (GPS) that will help this body discharge its mission.

This body, according to Chahed, will operate in a first stage in 74 municipalities including most of the municipalities of Greater Tunis, 20 municipalities in the chief towns of the governorates and 20 municipalities in coastal and densely populated cities.

The environmental police will be generalised over the next year, the PG specified.

He reviewed the government programmes to ensure cleanliness and preserve the environment, including the acquisition of 396 machines worth 60 million dinars, 315 of which were distributed and 81 will be distributed in the coming weeks.

Chahed added that a programme to set up a national system to ensure the cleanliness of cities has been approved in addition to the mobilisation of 37.5 MD for cleanliness operations.

He also underlined that Tunisia is preparing to organise municipal elections (December 17, 2017), adding that efforts have been focused on setting up new municipalities (premises, recruitment of staff who will ensure management).

All financial and human resources have been made available to the Independent High Authority for Elections (ISIE) to facilitate the mission which consists in ensuring all stages of the electoral process.

The government has already submitted the draft Local Government Code to the House of People's Representatives which starts Tuesday its discussion at committee level.