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Journey back to Marseilles from Zarzis port for expatriates, says Chahed

Published the:  06/07/2017

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(TAP) - The President of the Government  Youssef Chahed said at a ceremony held on Wednesday evening as Carthage car-ferry docked for the first time at the commercial port of Zarzis, governorate of Medenine, that every effort will be made to see to it that Tunisian expatriates can make their journey back to host countries from this harbour to Marseilles before the end of August.

Chahed stressed, in this connection, the importance of scheduling round trips as of next year at a rate of one trip every two or three weeks.

Carthage car-ferry arrived in the port after a 33-hour crossing due to bad weather conditions; 2,034 passengers, most of whom expatriates natives of southern Tunisia, were on board. 614 cars were also transported.

The crossing is a historic event; it is a message sent out to locals in the Tunisian south who react positively each time they see there is good will and determination to live up to commitments made.

The government is committed to implementing all it decisions to help these regions share in the advantages of development and avoid regional disparities, the Premier indicated.

The President of the Government also hailed the efforts expended by supervisory and local authorities to help the ship dock with a maximum load.