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House Foreign Affairs Committee members propose resolution to support Chahed government

Published the:  12/07/2017

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(TAP)- Members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee reaffirmed in a statement issued on Tuesday, the U.S. administration's support for Tunisia and "willingness to provide a sufficient level of assistance to support the ongoing transition towards a more inclusive, prosperous and stable democracy."

They urged The President of the Government Youssef Chahed to speed up economic reforms and anti-corruption measures, pointing out the need to implement the 2014 Constitution, notably with regard to the protection of civil liberties.

In this statement, they also urged the Tunisian authorities to do their utmost to "stem the departure of Tunisian jihadists towards Iraq and Syria."

The House invites in this regard, "Tunisia's neighbours to collaborate with Youssef Chahed government to combat the terrorist threat, secure borders and support the Tunisian democratic transition."

This resolution was proposed by Senators Ben Cardin and Marco Rubio on the occasion of Youssef Chahed's visit to the United States.

Among the signatories to the resolution were Senators Chris Coons, Ed Markey, Tim Kaine, Tammy Baldwin, Tom Cotton and John McCain