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Chahed chairs inner cabinet meeting devoted to examination of project of generalising centres of administrative services

Published the:  24/07/2017

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(TAP) – The President of the Government Youssef Chahed presided over an inner cabinet meeting on Monday at the government palace in the Kasbah, devoted to the project to develop and generalise the centres of administrative services.

According to a statement by the Prime Ministry, this is a priority project which is part of the strategy for the development of public administration by 2020 and targets 22 delegations (in 16 governorates) whose priority administrative services remain insufficient.

The project should, according to the same source, be carried out before the end of 2017 to benefit more than 650 thousand people.

As one of the Government's priorities for administrative reform in 2017, announced by the Prime Minister on January 14, the project aims to bring high-demand administrative services closer together and consolidate them in a common space, in consecration of the constitutional provisions pertaining to equity in the public service and in order to achieve parity between the regions and reinforce the confidence of the citizen in the administration.

After having identified the problems of the project of generalisation of the houses of services and examination of the solutions to make, the inner cabinet meeting decided:

-The creation of 22 service centres by the end of 2017 in a number of delegations

- The development of the current experience of the administrative services’ centres towards the diversification of the mechanisms of access to these services, so as to adapt them to the peculiarities of each region and the needs of its local people.

- The development of a legal and institutional framework governing the centres of administrative services

- The adoption of pilot projects for new types of services such as mobile centres covering the poor areas and the single point of contact.

- Adoption through the regional and local authorities of all the measures required for an active contribution to the project, in particular with regard to the development of the necessary premises and the mobilisation of qualified human resources in the areas of reception, guarding and cleanliness.

- Raising the level of common and integrated action between the various structures such as postal and tax revenue, while exploiting their networks to diversify the channels of serving administrative services in the non-covered regions.

The cabinet meeting has also indicated that these administrative centres will provide citizens with priority administrative services, which will be defined according to the needs of each delegation.

These services will fall under the following public structures:

- Municipal services

- The National Social Security Fund (CNSS)

- The National Pension and Social Welfare Fund (CNRPS)

- The national post office

- The Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company (STEG)

- The national company for exploitation and distribution of water (SONEDE)

- Tunisie Telecom

- The National Agency for Employment and Self-Employment (ANETI)

Additional services could be added to the above-mentioned services in coordination with the relevant ministries, such as the services inherent in the commercial register, land ownership and other services related to land transport, also agreed the inner cabinet meeting.

On the other hand, the cabinet meeting recommended accelerating the digitisation of the administration by 2020, in order to guarantee the efficiency and speed of remote administrative services.