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Positive development of economic indicators in spite of difficulties of public finances (Abdelkefi)

Published the:  31/07/2017

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(TAP) - Public finances are in difficulties but economic indicators are positive with the expected achievement of a growth rate of 2.5% for the whole year 2017, stressed Monday Acting Finance Minister Mohamed Fadhel Abdelkefi.

At a press conference held at the Kasbah, the minister said at the end of a Cabinet Meeting that the difficulties of the national economy are linked to the increase in the State budget in recent years (from 18 billion dinars in 2010 to 34 billion dinars in 2017), noting in particular the increase in public expenditure which has widened the budget deficit.

Abdelkefi voiced satisfaction at the relaunch of the main drivers of the Tunisian economy, namely phosphate, tourism, foreign investment, specifying that most of the promises obtained by Tunisia at the conference on investment Tunisia 2020 are evolving in a positive way.

He added that the decision to disburse the second tranche of the IMF credit (June 12) has helped get additional financing from the World Bank and the European Investment Bank, whose financing reached for the first time 2 billion dinars.

The minister recalled in this regard, that the last crisis in southern Tunisia as part of the sit-in El Kamour, has affected the production system.

However, the State will be able to pay the wages of its civil servants in the next months of 2017, assured the minister, considering that there are no reasons for this kind of worries.

Meanwhile, government spokesman Iyad Dahmani said the Cabinet meeting had adopted a series of decrees and laws, including the bill closing the 2014 budget and the draft organic law on Tunisia’s accession to the Council of Europe Strategy for the Rights of the Child.

The Cabinet also approved the conclusion of a credit between the Ministry of Finance and Tunisian banks and an agreement between the Tunisian State and the Italian State in matters of co-operation in international transport of persons.

Two government decrees on the establishment of a cantonal court in Ghomrassen and the definition of the list of tourism delegations in Tunisia with the addition of the Ben Guerdane delegation were adopted, in addition to the adoption of the appointment of specific delegations in some delegations of the country, such as Aouadna, Ellouza, Lassouda, El Hezaq El Oueslatia, El Ain Bidha Kettana, Souk Essebet, Ettelelessa, Bouzegar Khmouda and Ain Khemaissya.