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Fires in northwestern region: Chahed visits ONPC's Central Operations Room

Published the:  01/08/2017

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(TAP) – “The fires will be brought under control probably tonight," The President of the Government Youssef Chahed estimated as he visited the National Office of Civil Protection (ONPC)'s Central Operations Room to monitor ongoing operations to extinguish the fires that broke out Saturday in forests in the Beja, Jendouba and Bizerte governorates.

Accompanied by the Interior, National Defence and Public Works, Housing and Spatial Planning ministers, Chahed affirmed that 80% of the fires in Jendouba have been put out and the situation in the Beja governorate is under control while the fires in Sejnen (governorate of Bizerte) have not yet been extinguished.

“The State has mobilised all the necessary resources to bring these fires under control.

However, vigilance is still needed since fires can break out at any time and the wind can prompt the propagation of flames,” he added.

Fourteen fires had broken out at the same time on Saturday, Colonel-Major, Head of the Central Operations Room of the Civil Protection Salah Korbi said.

In Jendouba, the fires mainly erupted in the Fernana, Ghar Dimaou, Boussalem and Ain Drahem delegations. 80% of the 11 fires in Jedouba have been brought under control.

The largest fire that broke out in Hammam Bourguiba over an area exceeding 200 hectares has been completely put down. However, the fire in the Ouled Helal locality in Ain Drahem (Jendouba) has not yet been extinguished.

The Colonel-Major said the ONPC has deployed 15 fire trucks, 2 bladders, 180 forestry officers and 146 firefighters to put down the fires.

“23 houses were partially or completely damaged by these fires. The inhabitants were evacuated and hosted by members of their families, in youth centres and public institutions,” he added.

“We, however, remain vigilant regarding the possible eruption of more fires, especially during this heat wave that will last all week,” he pointed out.