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PG pledges to repair damage caused by fires in Jendouba, Beja and Bizerte

Published the:  04/08/2017

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(TAP) - The President of the Government  Youssef Chahed, on Friday, pledged to repair the damage suffered by the residents of Jendouba, Béja and Bizerte, who were victims of the recent wave of forest fires.

"They will receive compensation once the regional disaster committee assesses the damage," he promised during his visit to Jendouba governorate on Friday.

Chahed said "the compensation will involve housing, but also other property, including livestock, pastures, agricultural products and fruit trees.”

The President of the Government has not ruled out the criminal nature of the fires.

He said several suspects were arrested and questioned in connection with a relevant investigation.

He also indicated that some fires spontaneously broke out, noting that no fire was recorded during the last 12 hours.

Nearly 20 fires have broken out since last Saturday in the governorate of Jendouba, notably in the delegations of Ain Drahem, Bou Aouane, Fernana, Tabarka, Ghardimaou and Northern Jendouba.

Hundreds of hectares of forest cover have been ravaged and more than 20 houses have gone up in flames.

These fires were generated by others that had broken out in the governorates of Beja and Bizerte and some of which have not yet been extinguished.