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Chahed chairs 1st Peer Council meeting

Published the:  08/08/2017

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(TAP) – The President of the Government Youssef Chahed affirmed his support to the Peer Council as he chaired its first meeting on Tuesday, saying "it is an important achievement and a major challenge for women and men in the country in order to ensure a balanced society, sustainable development and equal opportunities.”

The Peer Council for Equal Opportunities for Men and Women is an advisory body established by Government Decree No. 626-2016.

Its main mission is to mainstream the gender approach in development policies and plans in Tunisia (planning, programming, evaluation and budgeting) with the aim of eradicating all forms of gender-based discrimination and achieve equality in rights and duties.

It is also empowered to give its opinion on bills relating to the rights of women.

 Youssef Chahed reiterated his Government's special interest in this Council, recalling that last November, with all members of the Government, he had participated in a training session on the gender approach in order to better understand the importance of this approach and figure out its bases and functioning.

"The Peer Council will play a major role in changing attitudes and priorities. It will help bring together all influential parties to focus policies and budgets on the eradication of all forms of discrimination and exclusion based on gender, "he stressed.

He also underlined the importance attached by the national unity government to the issue of women’s empowerment.

The government has worked in recent months to provide 1,736 women with projects that enable 3,600 Tunisian women to earn a decent living, he recalled.

The programme aims to achieve 8,000 projects by 2020 in all regions, without exception, he stressed.

"The government is aware that the presence of women in decision-making positions is inadequate," he said, adding that it is necessary to "remedy this and impose parity by adopting scientific criteria to guide and evaluate interventions in this area ".

Minister of Women, Family and Childhood, Neziha Laabidi, who was present at the meeting, said the key role of the Council, chaired by The President of the Government and composed of high-ranking officials of the State and civil society is to plan and evaluate policies in order to achieve gender equality in all areas.