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Chahed receives CONECT President Tarek Cherif

Published the:  07/10/2017

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(TAP) – The President of the Government Youssef Chahed received on Saturday President of the Confederation of Tunisian Citizen Enterprises (CONECT) Tarek Cherif, who told reporters at the end of the meeting he had presented to the PM the confederation’s proposals regarding the 2018 draft Finance Law.

CONECT had expressed its rejection to any increase in corporate taxes.

Cherif pointed out at the beginning of the week at a conference on the 2018 Finance Law that any additional tax provided for in the 2018 Finance Law will have a negative impact on the firms' competitiveness, their ability to promote investment and their prospects for expansion, which “blocks the creation of jobs."

He recalled that tax pressure in Tunisia is one of the heaviest in the world, estimating that the lack of fiscal stability will have impact negatively on domestic and foreign investment.

CONECT President also criticised the policies adopted by the various governments on taxation, which he said were "not serious," recommending that the members of the flat-rate regime be integrated into the real regime.

The number of these members is estimated at 400 thousand out of a total of 650 thousand enterprises. Once integrated into the real regime, they will generate tax revenues estimated at 28 MD per year.

He also called on the government to combat parallel economy, which accounts for 50% of the economic activity, and to dare to privatise certain enterprises operating in competitive sectors, sell confiscated companies and create regional investment funds whose role will be to support businesses in the regions.

The final version of the 2018 Finance Law will be reviewed by the Cabinet Meeting scheduled for October 11, before adoption and submission to the House of People’s Representatives before October 15, as stipulated in the Constitution.