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PG pays resounding tribute to Slim Chaker

Published the:  09/10/2017

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(TAP) – The President of the Government Youssef Chahed delivered a funeral eulogy at the funeral of Health Minister Slim Chaker on Monday in Jellaz Cemetery, praising the seriousness, perseverance and abnegation of the deceased.

In this eulogy delivered, in the presence of Speaker of the House of People’s Representatives, several government members as well as MPs, leaders of the labour and employers’ organizations and political figures including former President Foued Mebazaa, Chahed talked about Chaker family’s activism.

"Slim Chaker was the son of Mohamed Chaker, a former post-independence minister and grandson of Hedi Chaker, one of the leading figures in the national movement," the Prime Minister said.

He paid tribute to his great human qualities, including "modesty", patriotism, "virtue" and "benevolence".

Recalling the course of the late, Chahed recalled that he was one of the founders of the Nidaa Tounes movement and that he contributed to the success of the democratic transition in Tunisia.

"He held several political positions in Tunisia after the revolution," he added.

A military formation carried the body of the deceased to the cemetery of Jellaz where the people present performed the funeral prayer (Ṣalāt al-Janāzah) for the deceased minister under the imamat of Mufti of the Republic, Othmane Batikh.

At the end of the funeral oration, Youssef Chahed and the family of the deceased received condolences.

A military vehicle then transported the remains to its final resting place in front of Moncef Bey’s Mausoleum.

Executive director of the Nidaa Tounes movement, Hafedh Caid Essebsi told reported Slim Chaker had remained up to the last moment of his life devoted to his country, thanking God that many people have grasped the qualities of the deceased and his true worth.

For his part, MP Abdelfattah Mourou said Slim Chaker died while he was performing his duty with devotion and abnegation, imploring the Almighty to bestow infinite mercy upon the deceased.