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Received by PG, President of Access to Information Authority stresses need to provide all necessary resources for effective start of authority’s activities

Published the:  17/10/2017

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(TAP) - Received on Tuesday by The President of the Government Youssef Chahed, President of the Access to Information Authority (French: IAI) Imed Hazgui stressed the need to give a financial advance to the authority in order to help it actually start activity.

"The Authority should soon have all the necessary logistical and administrative resources to allow it start receive and rule on complaints about restrictions on access to information," he said.

According to him, there is a need to help it to rent a seat and pay the salaries of the staff and executives (who will be recruited) pending the allocation of a budget to the Authority.

Imed Hazgui reported on the delay in the publication by the Ministry of Finance of the decree on the remuneration system for members of the Access to Information Authority.

According to him, The President of the Government responded positively to the requests of the Forum and pledged to give his instructions to ensure an effective start of the Authority’s activities.

The Access to Information Authority, he added, will subsequently advance its recommendations around the rest of the legal texts inherent in its structural organisation and status.

Created under Organic Law No. 2016-22 of 24 March 2016 on the right of access to information, the Access to Information Mechanism is an autonomous public body with legal personality.

This law replaces Legislative Decree No. 2011-41 of 26 May 2011 on access to administrative documents of public structures.

The role of the Access to Information Authority is to decide on access to information. It may, for this purpose and if necessary, carry out the necessary investigations on the spot with the body concerned, carry out all the investigative procedures and hear any person whose hearing is deemed useful

It is also responsible for issuing opinions on bills and regulatory texts related to the area of access to information and periodically evaluating the consecration of the right of access to information by bodies subject to the provisions of this Act.

Under the Law on the Right of Access to Information, the Authority prepares an annual activity report containing the suggestions and recommendations necessary for the granting of the right of access to information, as well as data statistics on the number of requests for access to information, the number of appeals, answers and deadlines, decisions taken and annual monitoring of their implementation by bodies subject to the provisions of this Law.