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Kerkennah boat collision: Chahed calls for providing optimal care to families of victims

Published the:  17/10/2017

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(TAP) – The President of the Government Youssef Chahed called at a Cabinet meeting held Tuesday, for providing optimal material and psychological care to the families of victims of the collision between an illegal migrant boat and a Navy vessel.

The Cabinet meeting which was dedicated to illegal immigration reviewed the progress of investigations into the circumstances of the accident.

Chahed as quoted in a Prime Ministry press release, laid emphasis on the need to speed up the investigation into the collision, to inform the public of its results and to determine the responsibilities in this case. He also insisted on law enforcement, calling for keeping the military institution away from tension and smear campaigns.

The Cabinet members expressed solidarity with the families of the victims. It is a national catastrophe that requires the unity of all Tunisians in these painful circumstances, according to the same source.

They also called for increased vigilance in the face of increasing illegal immigration and for prosecute networks and gangs specialising in this field, which lend themselves to trafficking in human beings, in compliance with the international law.