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Congress of Arab Police and Security Chiefs: "Security situation in Tunisia has improved noticeably" (Chahed)

Published the:  06/12/2017

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(TAP) - The security situation has improved noticeably following the neutralisation of several terrorists, the foiling of many terrorist operations and the dismantling of sleeper takfiri cells, Prime Minister Youssef Chahed said on Wednesday.

"These successes would not have been possible without the development of anticipatory and preventive actions and the co-ordination of operations at the level of security and military units on the field," he pointed out in his remarks at the opening of the 41st Congress of Arab Police and Security Chiefs organised on Wednesday at the Tunis-based General Secretariat of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers.

He reiterated on the occasion, Tunisia's determination to anchor its democratic experience and combat terrorism, relying mainly on its own human and material resources and also on the co-operative relations established with various countries and friends, out of conviction that it is impossible to defeat terrorism without a co-operative, participatory and effective co-operation at the bilateral and multilateral levels.

Referring to the unprecedented increase in terrorist threats at the international and regional levels, notably due to the continuing armed conflicts in several Arab countries and the amplification of the activities of terrorist organisations, Youssef Chahed considered that this situation has heightened the terrorist threat against Tunisia.

As testified to, he specified, by the recurring attempts of the terrorists’ infiltration and the persistence of the terrorist organisation "Daesh" to set foot in North Africa, given its proximity to sub-Saharan Africa and the European space.

The Premier affirmed in this regard, Tunisia’s willingness to further boost its co-operation with the other countries in countering terrorism and cross-border organised crime.

Taking the floor, Council of Arab Interior Ministers Secretary-General Mohamed Ali Kouman said that the successes and developments in fight against terrorism impose new challenges, including the return of terrorists from hotbeds of tension to their countries of origin.

"Despite the seriousness of the challenges facing Arab countries in terms of terrorist crime and organised crime and the determination of the Arab security systems to deal with them, these countries are keen to ensure that fight against terrorism is carried out in respect of human rights and human dignity," he indicated.

Several issues are on the agenda of the 41st Congress of Arab Police and Security Chiefs, such as the training of security officers and the Arab security officer's charter of conduct in its amended version.

The congress is attended by senior security officials from many Arab countries, the representatives of the Arab League, the Gulf Co-operation Council, the Interpol, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and the United Nations Centre Counter-Terrorism Centre.