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Tunisia by no means tax haven (PM)

Published the:  07/12/2017

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(TAP)- "Tunisia is by no means a tax haven; this is well-known," Premier Youssef Chahed Thursday said in Gammarth, Tunis northern suburbs.

"We were at first astonished at Tunisia being named in the tax haven blacklist; this cannot reflect the reality of the Tunisian economy," he told the media on the sidelines of the opening works of a conference on the theme: "Speeding up the Implementation of Renewable Energy Projects."

"The European Union is a strategic partner and we will have contacts stepped up to clarify the situation," he said.

Chahed said contacts with the European bloc will be established in the coming days and a delegation will be dispatched to Brussels to clarify the situation and the reality of the Tunisian economy which he said cannot be compared to other economies considering its reliance for thirty years now on exportation.

"We will keep on bolstering exportation to preserve jobs, particularly in inland regions," the Premier underlined.

Tunisia made progress in legislation and abides by the rules of transparency, which is already a positive step, he added.

"The challenge is to achieve concordance between onshore and offshore taxation systems. Considerable efforts were made to this end but there is need to take into consideration the current state of affairs and this is what we will seek to make clear to our European partners and we hope for understanding on their part, " Chahed elaborated.

The Prime Minister said the Tunisian economy rests on exportation. Over 400,000 jobs were generated since the 1972 law by export-oriented businesses, that is one-third of the industrial fabric. This is a fact of paramount importance, he highlighted.