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PM meets with ISIE delegation on date of municipal elections

Published the:  13/12/2017

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(TAP) – Prime Minister Youssef Chahed on Wednesday called on the Independent Higher Authority for Election (ISIE) to continue consultations with parties concerned by the municipal elections to decide the date of their holding, said ISIE member Farouk Bou Asker.

He added that a meeting was held on Wednesday at the Kasbah government palace between the Prime Minister and ISIE members on the call by some parties to consult more on the most important date for the municipal election and the preparations for this event of March 25, 2018.

"The government does not present proposals on this but supports the authority in its decisions," he said in a statement to TAP.

The meeting also focused on the issue of the publication of the municipal election calendar in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Tunisia (JORT), said Bou Asker, underlining that the Prime Minister promised to publish it as soon as possible.

Preparations for Germany's parliamentary by-elections (15 November-17 December) were also on the agenda, he said, announcing that two ISIE members and administrative officials have moved in Germany to supervise the conduct of the elections.

The representatives of Ennahdha, Nidaa Tounes and the Free Patriotic Union (UPL) had asked, Tuesday, during a meeting with the ISIE members, the postponement of the municipal elections set for March 25, 2018, advisor and ISIE member Adel Brinsi told TAP.

Brinsi said the ISIE is ready to hold the municipal elections on schedule and will change this date only if a majority asks for it, he emphasised.

The ISIE also met Tuesday with representatives of 15 parties, mostly from the opposition, he added. These include Ettakatol, Echaab movement and Al Bina party. These parties request the maintaining of the date of March 25, 2018 for the organisation of the municipal elections.

The ISIE is waiting for the publication of the municipal elections calendar at the JORT as soon as possible and that of the presidential decree convening the voters to vote, according to Brinsi.

In addition, ten political parties, gathered on Tuesday, called on the ISIE to organise, as soon as possible, a consultation meeting with all the parties to define the road map for the municipal elections. In a statement issued after a meeting on the premises of the Afek Tounes party, the ten parties recall the reservations made about the publication by the ISIE of the calendar of municipal elections scheduled for March 25, 2018, without consulting the political parties and the different parties concerned by this election.