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Protests: thugs serve corruption networks and irresponsible political parties (Youssef chahed)

Published the:  10/01/2018

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(TAP) - Prime Minister Youssef Chahed has announced the initiation of an investigation into acts of looting in various parts of the country to reveal the identity of all those involved and the instigators of these disorders.

Speaking Wednesday on the sidelines of his visit in the delegation of El Battan, Manouba, one of the areas affected by the protests where the rioters torched a police station on Monday night, the Prime Minister expressed his dismay at the acts of destruction, robbery and looting that have occurred in many governorates.

"The rioters, who take advantage of the tense situation to loot and ransack by using children, serve the networks of corruption and smuggling by pressuring the government to release them. They also serve some irresponsible political parties, including the Popular Front.”

"How can a party vote on a point on the value added tax and personal income tax in the budget law and then call for protests against the same law?" he pointed out.

The Prime Minister called not to confuse criminals with young people who lost the hope brought by the revolution and lost confidence in the political class.

"The state is firm; it will protect its institutions and its people. The state will work to restore the confidence of Tunisians through mechanisms of dialogue with young people and all citizens," he stressed, adding that the government decisions are aimed at improving social and economic conditions in the country.

After visiting the ransacked police station, Chahed met local residents who claimed their right to jobs and development and called for lowering prices and improving living conditions.