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"Leoni Tunisia" plans to provide no less than 1,200 additional jobs next April "(Youssef Chahed)

Published the:  19/01/2018

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(TAP) – Prime Minister Youssef Chahed announced Friday that the company "Leoni Tunisia", specialising in the manufacture of cables for cars, plans to expand its activities next April to create at least 1,200 additional jobs.

After learning about Leoni's various production units in Messaadine (Sousse governorate), which is celebrating its 40th anniversary, since the launch of the activity of its subsidiaries in Tunisia, the Prime Minister has highlighted the experience of this company in the car cable industry, emphasising the importance of entrenching the culture of work and production and for young people to change their mentality characterised by a culture of demands and dependence on the state.

He recalled the economic size and the social weight of this company which employs more than 16 thousand managers and workers in its subsidiaries located in Messadine and Mateur. He stressed that the government is determined to overcome the difficulties and establish facilities and incentives for Tunisian and foreign investors, in light of the positive beginnings in the fields of export, tourism and agriculture.

Chahed stressed that 2018 will be the last difficult year for the national economy and the announcement of a gradual return of investor confidence in the national economy.

Leoni Tunisia CEO Mohamed Arbi Rouis reviewed indicators that prove his company's strong position in the national economy, noting that the company's turnover is estimated at 425 Million euros (1 billion 257 million dinars).

Rouis said that the payroll of the company is estimated at about 12 million dinars (MD) and the company pays quarterly 10 MD, to the National Social Security Fund (CNSS), as social contributions, and participates by 863 MD of fiscal charges for the benefit of the treasury of the State.

The German ambassador to Tunisia voiced the German government appreciation for the positive results achieved by the Leoni company Tunisia, valuing the social climate prevailing in all the Leoni factories installed in the country and the important social benefits enjoyed by the workers.