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Economic reforms in Tunisia will be accompanied by major social actions’” (PM)

Published the:  30/01/2018

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(TAP Correspondent Samia Boukhatem) - "Arab economies should go beyond achieving quantitative growth: development must be felt by citizens in their daily lives,” Prime Minister Youssef Chahed said Tuesday in Marrakech, affirming that the economic reforms in Tunisia will be accompanied by major social actions.

"The draft law on the creation of a social security programme, which has just been submitted to the House of People's Representatives (HPR) fits perfectly, in this approach," he said in a statement to TAP.

Chahed added that once adopted, the law will establish a minimum social base for all segments of the population so as to ensure a stable minimum income for all Tunisians, including the unemployed, pensioners whose social contribution is low as well as for employees whose income is below the SMIG.

This programme will also ensure dignified living conditions for every Tunisian, through social security and global health for all and will offer all families the opportunity to acquire a home on advantageous terms.

In this regard, he has indicated that the Government will act differently in relation the phenomenon of unemployment.

"We will change our approach to dealing with this phenomenon, especially since 40% of jobless Tunisians are university graduates,” he said, adding that the government will implement the main axes of the national employment strategy and will evaluate all the mechanisms used in the Unemployment Fund with a view to adjusting them and making them more effective ".

The Prime Minister, on Monday, began a visit to Morocco to take part in the high-level conference on promoting growth, employment and inclusiveness in the Arab world.

The conference, organised by the IMF, FMA, AFESD and the Moroccan Government, aims to promote an exchange of experiences, lessons and ideas on ways to create millions of jobs through the development of new growth drivers and sectors