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Youssef Chahed: renewed alliance between Tunisia and France

Published the:  01/02/2018

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(TAP)- "The French entrepreneurs who accompanied President Emmanuel Macron, were able to identify with their Tunisian counterparts, promising sectors and the steps to be taken to enhance this bilateral strategic partnership," Prime Minister Youssef Chahed said Thursday in the Tunis Convention Centre.

In his speech delivered at the closing of the Tunisia-France Economic Forum, he stressed that the work of this event, provide proof of the dynamism of the economies of these two countries and the great potential that they offer.

On the macroeconomic level, he commended the courageous French decision to convert the Tunisian debt as well as the reaffirmed will of France to support Tunisia to the international bodies.

The Prime Minister stated that the visit of the President of the French Republic marks a renewed alliance between two nations who knew each other as respectful and who shared not only a long history but also a present and a future.

"Tunisia and France today share the same values, those of democracy, freedom and dignity," he said.

On the economic levels, Chahed spoke of "the beginnings of a revival of the economy that are already perceptible" while affirming that "Tunisia must imperatively, meet the biggest challenge it faces: successful transition Thus, the implementation of the 2016-2020 development plan, will enable Tunisia to restore the major macroeconomic balance, bringing annual growth to 5% by 2020 ".

He said Tunisia has chosen the path of reforms to ensure a revival of the Tunisian economy on a sound basis, saying that the country has already started the reforms of public finances and social security funds and is preparing to launch discussions with the social partners on the restructuring of public enterprises and the subsidy system. Tunisia will also begin the reform of the exchange code to encourage investment.

Chahed reiterated that Tunisia is counting on France, its first customer and supplier who provides 22% of the total value of the country's trade. France is also the largest supplier of foreign investment in Tunisia with 1,403 companies, or 41% of the total number of foreign companies.