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Higher Investment Council holds its first meeting

Published the:  07/02/2018

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(TAP)- The Higher Investment Council (French : CSI) held its first meeting on Wednesday, chaired by Prime Minister Youssef Chahed.

Held in Tunis, the first session of the Higher Investment Council was devoted to the identification of a policy and a strategy for investment through the assessment of old policies in this field and the introduction of decisions favouring the promotion of business and investment in general.

The council, which has also discussed the steps to be taken to implement the legislative reforms set out in the new investment law, will decide on incentives for projects of national importance (those that exceeds 50 million dinars and provides 500 jobs).

The Tunisian Investment Authority's mission is to manage the projects, whose cost exceeds 15 million dinars, while the projects of lower costs are entrusted to the structures and sectoral agencies, as part of conventions adopted by the Higher Investment Council.

A single interlocutor was established within the authority to communicate with investors and facilitate their administrative procedures. It is meant for projects costing more than 15 million dinars.

Regional commissions will be established within the Authority to help provide incentives for investment in the regions. They will be tasked with examining applications filed to benefit from financial incentives listed in the Investment Law for projects whose cost does not exceed 1 million dinars