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Chahed announces in Tozeur launch of national handicraft promotion plan

Published the:  17/02/2018

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(TAP) – Premier Youssef Chahed announced on Saturday in Tozeur’s Kastilia handicraft village the launch of the national handicraft promotion plan as part of a five-year strategy 2018-2022 for which some 50 million dinars have been mobilised.

Chahed pointed out that this plan that was adopted last week aims to create 100,000 jobs by 2022, increase the number of investors among higher graduates from 10% to 25% and enhance the capacities of 3,000 craftsmen by encouraging creation of professional groupings.

The government aims through this plan to increase the values of investments in the sector from 18 to 30 million dinars and its contribution to the GDB by 6% and its exports from 1.8% to 3%, he pointed out.

This handicraft modernisation plan that will be drafted with the sector’s professionals includes five major objectives, each focuses on five projects.

The first regards the institutional frameworks of the relevant structures and aims to review the legal texts and the craftsmen’s social welfare system.

The second focuses on promoting quality and developing craftsmen’s skills by granting a quality label to 50 products and developing a guidebook by adopting four professional references.

The strategy’s third objective is to boost investment and development of handicraft companies by updating 200 companies so as to improve their competitiveness and technical assistance of 200 craftsmen in addition to launching a specific label to the craftsmen and distinguished companies.

The fourth objective consists in promoting marketing through the creation of a structure that gathers both public and private sectors that endeavours to promote and market handicraft products and the implementation of credit line to facilitate the acquisition of Tunisian handicraft products by means of 12 million dinars.

Lastly, the fifth and final goal is to draft a communication strategy.

This national plan further provides for the setting up of new handicraft villages in the regions that will help craftsmen market their products and develop their know-how.