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Tunisia needs work and achievements, far from political speculations and pressures (Youssef Chahed)

Published the:  15/03/2018

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(TAP) - "Tunisia needs work and achievements, far from political speculations and pressures, Prime Minister Youssef Chahed said on Thursday, calling everyone to consider the importance of the time factor to redress the situation and enhance the position of the country and its skills in the international markets.

Speaking at the opening of the second edition of the "MIQYES" national conference on the situation of SMEs, he added that Tunisia is experiencing a difficult economic situation, due to accumulations and social pressures that have increased after 2011, as well as because of an internal and external economic and financial climate whose instability has lasted for several years.

He added that he wanted to be frank with the Tunisian people regarding the difficult economic situation and the importance of the challenges posed as soon as he took office as Premier.

He also emphasised the imperative of major reforms to save the situation and the importance for all social partners, economic enterprises, employees, the administration and all Tunisians to understand the necessity of sharing sacrifices and returning to work.

He reviewed the most important government initiatives to improve the business climate, including the activation of the investment law, tax breaks, the fight against bureaucracy and the simplification of administrative procedures, stressing that these reforms and measures will lead to an improvement of Tunisia’s ranking in "Doing Business" in 2018.

He pointed out that public finance is the major challenge of the Tunisian economy, which has prompted the state to propose 3 major reforms relating to social funds, the control of the wage bill and the reform of public enterprises, stating that "as long as these reforms have not been implemented, the financial risks will remain.”

Commenting on criticisms about the government’s failure, he added in a statement to reporters that "freedom of expression is guaranteed in Tunisia and those who wish to evaluate the performance of the government are free to do so, but the problem does not concern the government or some people but the whole system.

He added: "we have given priority to radical reforms and the government is determined, in 2018, to continue these reforms to ensure macroeconomic balances, including those relating to the control of public finances"

The government has drafted a law on social welfare reform and a comprehensive approach on state-owned enterprises, he said, stressing the need for all stakeholders, including the social partners, to sit down around the same table to redress the situation.

"The government operates without calculations and partisan politics. It is committed to serving the Tunisian people," he said in his response to a question about the need for a cabinet reshuffle