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Social funds’ deficit likely to reach 5 thousand million dinars in four years (Chahed)

Published the:  24/03/2018

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(TAP) – Prime Minister Youssef Chahed pointed out Friday evening that the reform of the social funds has become a pressing issue that cannot be delayed.

Responding to interventions by MPs during the dialogue session with the government that continued late Saturday at the House of People’s Representatives (HPR), Chahed added that if the reform of social funds is not undertaken as soon as possible, the deficit will reach in the next four or five years at least five thousand million dinars.

The government, he said, had drafted a document on this reform including the proposals of the government and social partners, the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) and the employers' organisation. This document contains a precise diagnosis of the funds’ situation as well as all possible reform orientations.

In another connection, the PM indicated that the government had presented four documents about the main thrusts of reform, including the Carthage Document, a document comprising a social and economic programme till 2020, in addition to tax reforms, the reform of the subsidy system and the administration modernisation.

Regarding the reform of the administration, Youssef Chahed said that the Tunisian administration suffers from several shortcomings, hence the importance of drafting of laws to improve performance.

He underlined in this regard, the importance of forging ahead on the path of the public institutions’ reform, specifying “we do not need the dictates of the International Monetary Fund to reform public institutions, as the deficiencies they suffer from are tangible.”

Tunisia needs to contract loans from the IMF at low interest rates, he said, adding that the reform of public institutions does not necessarily mean their transfer.

According to him, there are sectors that will always be under the tutelage of the State, however, in other sectors, the State cannot compete with the private sector.

Chahed called on the HPR to adopt the draft laws submitted to it by the government (40) and which will help boost development and combat corruption, citing in particular the draft law on illicit enrichment , the draft law on the commercial registry and that on the regularisation of exchange offenses.