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Sale of number of public companies in non-strategic sectors would be solution to supply State treasury (Chahed)

Published the:  23/03/2018

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(TAP) – The sale of a number of public companies in non-strategic competitive sectors would be a solution to mobilise resources for the benefit of the State treasury, and consequently reduce domestic and foreign borrowing, said Premier Youssef Chahed.

Speaking Friday at the House of People's Representatives (HPR), during a plenary session devoted to dialogue with the government, Chahed added that the sale will drain resources favouring the creation of wealth, launching projects in promoting sectors, the promotion of inland regions and the promotion of investments for the benefit of education and health.

On this occasion, the Prime Minister announced the launching, in the coming weeks, of a public enterprise reform programme based on a global vision for the restructuring of these companies so that they have a positive financial return for the benefit of the entire national community, while preserving the principle of social peace, in addition to the sustainability of jobs and the protection of workers' rights.

"The state of public finances does not allow public companies, especially those operating in competitive sectors, to continue to benefit from state support and guarantees for borrowing," he said.

In the same context, he said that the state is no longer ready to continue to cover each year the structural deficit of these public companies, without carrying out the necessary reforms, recalling that their accumulated losses were close to 6.500 million dinars (MD) in 2016.

"It was better to direct these funds towards the development budget through the construction of social housing or the development of the health system, education, and vocational training, in addition to the development of the country's inland areas, he said.

The Prime Minister expressed wish for the establishment of a consensus on the proposals of reform, between the various parties concerned, in the service of Tunisia, reiterating the determination of the government to decide on urgent files and to assume the responsibility to change the current situation of public companies