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Social security system in Tunisia is in danger, requires urgent reforms (Chahed)

Published the:  11/04/2018

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(TAP) - Prime Minister Youssef Chahed said, on Wednesday, that "the social security system in Tunisia is in danger and the situation of the social security funds is more than critical", which requires urgent reforms, according to him.

Speaking at a national symposium on major reforms held in Tunis, Chahed pointed out that this is due to the structural deficit of the National Social Security and Retirement Fund (CNRPS) and the National Social Security Fund (CNSS).


This requires injecting 100 million dinars a month into the two funds to cover the deficit, he said, noting that pensions may not be paid because of this situation.

Chahed pointed out that the crisis has had a negative impact on the benefits provided by the funds and on the health system, adding that the difficulties currently facing the central pharmacy are partly due to the deficit of the social funds.

He added that the government has a series of measures to reform the civil service that include improving the quality of public services, creating a voluntary departure programme for the public service for different age groups and fighting anarchic recruitment.

He pointed to the shortcomings of the public service, citing, among other things, the lack of an effective system for evaluating the performance of public officials, the number of whom remains high.

In addition, the Prime Minister said he regretted the absence of the Tunisian General Labour Union from this conference, pointing out that the arms of the government remain wide open to all parties.

President of the Tunisian Union of Agriculture and Fisheries Abdelmajid Zaar emphasised the need to raise the rate of farmers benefiting from social security coverage, stating that only 10% of this category is affiliated.

Secretary General of the Tunisian General Labour Union Nourredine Taboubi had announced, in a statement on a radio station, his non-participation in this symposium