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Chahed to European Parliament: "vote against extension of IVD mandate does not mean end of transitional justice process"

Published the:  24/04/2018

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(TAP Correspondent Sofien Manai) - The vote against the extension of the mandate of the Truth and Dignity Commission (French: IVD) does not mean the end of the process of transitional justice, Prime Minister Youssef Chahed said Tuesday in Brussels.

"The Parliament had ended the IVD mandate but not the transitional justice process," he pointed out at a debate in the European Parliament in response to a wave of criticism by MEPs on the controversial vote against the extension of the IVD’s mandate.

"This process is on the right track. It will be completed to do justice to rights holders, "he added.

"There are several other challenges on the horizon, namely security, jobs and the recovery of the economy," he said.

For Youssef Chahed, "Tunisia has successfully completed its political transition. It has succeeded in setting up institutions that are powerful, solid and sustainable".

"Gender parity, the marriage of Tunisian women to non-Muslims and upholding the independence of justice are all assets that can only reflect the degree of development of post-revolution Tunisia," he said.

Moreover, Chahed spoke of the European decision to include Tunisia on the blacklist of third countries at high risk of money laundering and terrorist financing, saying this decision was "unfair", since the EU did not consider the latest reports prepared by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

"Tunisia will take all necessary measures to get out of this situation and promises to mobilise all available means to overcome the shortcomings that led to the vote of the European Parliament," he added.

On the other hand, Chahed has expressed the wish to see Tunisia reach a new status in its relations with the European Union.

"Tunisia aspires to a new status for its partnership with the European Union," he insisted.

"Tunisia has taken bold steps and embarked on major reforms deemed necessary to boost the economy," he said to justify Tunisia's ambition to access this new status.

For 2018, Tunisia expects a growth rate of 3% despite an unemployment rate of around 15%, he said.

Chahed also reported a significant improvement in the security situation in Tunisia despite the extremely difficult economic situation.

"Although the security situation has improved significantly, zero risk does not exist," he pointed out