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Passing of Code on Local Authorities "further step towards anchoring local democracy" (PM)

Published the:  26/04/2018

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(TAP) - Prime Minister Youssef Chahed has described as "further step towards anchoring local democracy", Thursday’s adoption of the Code on Local Authorities by the House of People’s Representatives.

Commenting on this adoption on his Facebook page Thursday, Chahed wrote "after the passing of this code, Tunisia has taken a further towards anchoring local democracy and delegating significant powers to the regions in the management of public local affairs.

The PM, who is making an official visit to Strasbourg as part of a tour of the Benelux countries, paid tribute to the MPs "for the exceptional efforts made to adopt the code in record time".

“This is another step in the democratic process, pending the municipal elections scheduled for May 6, which will entrench democracy and the sovereignty of the people through its representatives," added Youssef Chahed.

The Parliament passed at a plenary session Thursday evening the entirety of the Organic Law on the Code on Local Authorities with 147 votes for, 10 abstentions and none against.