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Prime Ministry decides to generalise Tunisian E-Procrument System to counter corruption

Published the:  11/05/2018

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(TAP) – The Prime Ministry decided to generalise the online government procurement system TUNEPS (Tunisian E-Procrument System) as a sole functioning means in the public procurement field.

This initiative which is part of developing working methods and modernisation of the administration, aims to guarantee and reinforce transparency in the public procurement field and counter corruption in this sector, the Prime Ministry said Friday in a press release.

This system will help accelerate the preparation pace of the public procurements’ administrative and financial files, achieve public projects in the deadlines and consequently improve the efficiency of public procurement and step up competiveness, the ministry estimated.

It is likely to enshrine the principle of equal opportunity for all bidders, reduce deadlines for the conclusion of public procurements and the projects’ costs.

Launched in January 2013, TUNEPS is a Tunisian-Korean co-operation project that initially concerned 9 pilot sites including 4 ministries (Prime Ministry, ministries of education, Information and Communication Technologies and Equipment) and 5 public enterprises (STEG, Tunisian Post, ONAS, ARRU and SONEDE).

The system, co-developed by the Korean Samsung SDS enterprise and several Tunisian enterprises, seeks to guarantee a better management of public finances in Tunisia, as the public expenditure mainly involve public procurements.