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Bizerte: new dam in Sejnane inaugurated by PM

Published the:  12/05/2018

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(TAP) - The dam "Lasaad Ben Osmane", built in Elharka, delegation of Séjnène (Bizerte), for 61 million dinars (MD), was inaugurated by Prime Minister Youssef Chahed on Saturday, on the celebration of Agriculture Day.

The dam, with a capacity of 30 million cubic metres, will mobilise regularly 22 million m3 of water per year.

Its implementation is part of the 10-year strategy for mobilising water resources and increasing water reserves.

Since independence, Tunisia has achieved great successes in the agricultural sector, especially with regard to the mobilisation of water resources, Chahed told reporters.

He added that this dam, which is the 40th, contributes to transfer the water surplus from North to the Centre and inland areas and cope with increased consumption during the peak summer season.

The government has put in place a strategy by 2050 to mobilise resources through various means, including seawater desalination projects, launched in Sfax, Zarat and El Jrissa.

 He pointed out that water supply in the 2018 summer season will be better than the previous season despite the lack of water in dams of the country’s inland and central regions.

He added that government works to ensure that these water projects create sources of income and agricultural areas in the region.

Minister of Water Resources and Fisheries Samir Taieb emphasised the importance of the efforts of the regional authorities in the implementation of water systems and strategies, developed to ensure water supply during the last two seasons (2017-2018).

He recalled that the Prime M inister gave the governor of Bizerte Saturday the national prize of "proper implementation”, noting that the ministry has prepared, since last November, a national strategy to ensure water supply during the summer.

The strategy provides for the creation of new hydraulic systems, the reactivation of old systems and the implementation of new projects, he pointed out.

Governor of Bizerte Mohamed Guider said the diversification of projects will increase the rate of drinking water supply, citing the four-axis projects in Sejnane, the completion of the two axes Sejnane and Tamra, the inauguration of the project to supply the region of Msaken and projects to strengthen the southern part of the governorate, concomitantly with the supply of drinking water to 11 villages in Kef Abed and Serria.

Tcheka and Hamrounia's drinking water supply projects will soon be completed despite the land difficulties, he said, adding that drinking water projects in Haroun, Utique, South Bizerte and some regions of Bizerte North have been completed.