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Public procurement sector has improved” (PM)

Published the:  18/06/2018

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(TAP) - The public procurement sector, including government procurement, has seen several improvements, because of its role in boosting growth and its impact on the national economy, Prime Minister Youssef Chahed said on Monday.

Speaking at a global conference on "the Future of Public Procurement in the Era of Digitisation," Chahed emphasised that the government is pursuing its policy of fighting corruption, a phenomenon that has a negative impact on public property and services and the national economy.

He announced the establishment of a strategy to fight against this phenomenon, besides boosting the economy and vitalising investment in the framework of transparency and fairness between economic actors.

Chahed also stressed the government's efforts to develop a legal framework that meets international standards in this area, by drawing on international experience.

He also recalled that structural reforms of the public procurement system were launched in 2011 in a participatory approach.

In this framework, a national committee was charged with co-ordinating and monitoring the reforms that led to the establishment of a national plan for the development of public procurement and their restructuring through the publication of decree No. 2014, governing public procurement.

This decree enabled the adoption of the "TUNEPS" public online purchasing system, which allows the electronic processing of public procurement procedures in the context of transparency