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Youssef Chahed calls on pharmaceutical manufacturers in Tunisia to conclude contract of objectives with government

Published the:  28/06/2018

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(TAP) – Prime Minister Youssef Chahed called, Thursday in Hammamet, the manufacturers of pharmaceutical products in Tunisia to conclude a contract of objectives with the government in which the professionals of the sector pledge to reach a number of objectives in matter employment, production and export against the commitment of the government to take the necessary measures to further drive the sector to the achievement of national objectives, first of all to supply the market with sufficient quantities of medicines whose prices will be reasonable.

Chahed who is speaking at the opening of the conference of the International Forum of the “Réalités”, held on 28 and 29 June on the theme "Tunisian pharmaceutical industry facing its challenges", stressed that the Government attaches the utmost importance to the resolution of the crisis of the central pharmacy which suffers, he said, major problems that do not differ very much, according to him, the difficulties that meet several public institutions. He underlined the need to launch a rescue programme for this institution through the provision, in the short term, of 500 million dinars of liquidity to urgently solve the problem of lack of drugs, considering that this measure remains insufficient in view of the need to review the governance of the sector with the participation of all stakeholders.

The government is concerned, he added, to better organise the sector through the development of a national strategy involving all participants through a better organisation of distribution channels and the adoption of a digital system ensuring good distribution in the public and private sectors, indicating the launch of the digital distribution experience in hospitals and pharmacies, in addition to the need to work to rationalise the consumption of medicines in Tunisia.

The Prime Minister emphasised the strategic and vital importance of the sector of the pharmaceutical industry in Tunisia, which remains linked to drug safety. He added that the sector, which employs Tunisian skills and human resources, has managed to achieve a growth rate of 11% and a coverage rate of national needs of nearly 50% in national production, in addition to the achievements at the level of exports (100 million dinars) and investments (nearly 500 million dinars).

He called on local and foreign dealers to continue investing in the pharmaceutical industry in Tunisia and to work to double the value of exports, especially as the Tunisian pharmaceutical industry is able, according to him, to raise all the challenges through the opening to the Maghreb, African and Mediterranean space.

He stressed, in the same context, the need to strengthen the export of medicines and health services through the development of a national strategy for this purpose and the creation of a Tunisian company of medicines and pharmaceuticals such as the developed countries

Chahed emphasised that the promotion of the sector also requires the simplification of procedures to reduce delays in granting Tunisian marketing authorisations.

For his part, the chairman of the “Realités” Forum, Taieb Zahhar stressed that this meeting involving Tunisian and foreign experts, offers the opportunity to discuss solutions that help drug manufacturers to meet the challenges they face, in particular the supply of medicines to Tunisians and the doubling of the quantities of drugs exported.

He added that the work of the forum will be crowned with practical recommendations that will be submitted to the prime ministry to be inspired during the development of a national strategy for the promotion of the sector of the pharmaceutical industry in Tunisia, which remains, according to him, one of the most promising industries capable of boosting employment, investment and exports