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Name of new Interior Minister will be revealed in coming hours (Chahed)

Published the:  24/07/2018

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(TAP) - Prime Minister Youssef Chahed announced that the name of the new Minister of the Interior will be revealed over the next few hours.

"He is a highly qualified person who knows the security issue and who is far from political controversy. The new minister will be able to assume his responsibilities and continue the fight against corruption which is one of the priorities of the government", he said.

In an interview with TAP on Tuesday, Chahed said that the success of the tourist season and the guarantee of security stability require the appointment of a new interior minister. "We consider that the situation requires the filling of the vacancy at the head of the Department of the Interior", he argued, pointing out, however, that in practice, the government action was not affected by this vacuum but that this situation cannot last very long.

The Prime Minister stressed that the war against corruption continues despite attempts by some parties to undermine efforts in this direction.

The government, he said, has strengthened the resources of the judiciary economic and financial and worked to consolidate the legal framework relating to corruption, adding that hundreds of cases have been transferred to Justice.

In the same connection, Youssef Chahed noted that the sharp tension prevailing on the political scene have blocked the consultations about the cabinet reshuffle adding that the suspension of consultations as part of Carthage Document 2 "slowed or rather blocked the dialogue between the different parties".

Chahed insisted on strengthening the dialogue with the signatory members of the Carthage Agreement.

Addressing the political crisis of the government, Youssef Chahed pointed out that most members of his cabinet belong to Nidaa Tounès and that the Ennahdha movement is not the only one to support the government. Signatories of the Carthage Document and other political actors also support the government, he said.

Youssef Chahed denied any intention to create a new political party pending the upcoming presidential elections, reaffirming his attachment to Nidaa Tounes' project, which he calls "modernist".

"The information relayed on the formation of a political party is flawed and completely unfounded," he insisted