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Tunisia at core of any Mediterranean project owing to geostrategic position, says UfM's Secretary-General

Published the:  02/08/2018

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(TAP) – "Tunisia is at the heart of any Mediterranean project owing to its geostrategic position and deep relations with Maghreb, eastern Mediterranean and European countries," said Secretary General of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) Nasser Kamel.

Tunisia is an active participant in 39 projects out of a total of 50 carried out as part of Euro-Mediterranean cooperation, he said following a meeting Thursday with Premier Youssef Chahed. "This gives it a key role in the region and in Mediterranean cooperation," he was quoted as saying in a Prime Ministry press release.

Nasser Kamel shed light on economic and social development projects implemented by the UfM in the Euro-Mediterranean region to underpin regional complementarity, in addition to projects in Tunisia meant to contribute to the process of economic, social and human development.

Cooperation between Tunisia and the UfM falls in line with an agenda of stabilisation and human development in the Mediterranean, a common target for all countries in the region, Nasser highlighted.

Projects carried out in Tunisia, mainly the one to clean up Lake Bizerte, and the ambitious strategy of new and renewable energy sources were also discussed