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Chahed promises to continue to refer corruption cases to courts as he visits Rades commercial Port

Published the:  15/08/2018

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(TAP) - "The government will continue to submit cases of corruption to justice," Prime Minister Youssef Chahed promised Wednesday.

"Although corruption is endemic, the government is resolutely committed to contain this phenomenon, through the establishment of a consistent legislative arsenal," he said during a field visit to the commercial port of Rades.

"Every time the war against on phenomenon intensifies, it becomes fiercer," he pointed out.

"The government will provide the judiciary with all the material and logistical means to enable it to fully carry out its mission and to overcome this phenomenon," he added.

"The road is both long and difficult," he said, emphasising, in this regard, the need to demonstrate unwavering determination to yield the expected results whose first signs have started to emerge