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Chahed calls for perfect coordination between municipal councils and governors

Published the:  08/09/2018

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(TAP) – Prime Minister Youssef Chahed underlined Saturday in Tunis at the opening of the Conference of Governors the need to perfect co-ordination between the elected municipal councils that illustrate decentralisation and the governors as a deconcentrated power.

He pointed out that this meeting is held in a context marked by preparations for the start of new school and academic year which coincided with the establishment of municipal councils.

Chahed added that it is important to organise this conference more often in order to improve communication between the government and the governors, especially with regard to the search for solutions to social problems, boosting great projects and settlement of legal difficulties facing governors ".

The Prime Minister also called on governors to propose practical measures to regulate inflation and improve the life quality of Tunisians.

The general situation of the country, the relation between the governor and the municipal councils, the control of prices, the development of public projects and the preparations for the start of the new school and university year are on the agenda of the conference.

The opening works was attended by Minister of Interior Hichem Fourati, Minister of Finance Ridha Chalghoum, Minister of Development, Investment and International Cooperation Zied Ladhari, Minister of Trade, Omar Behi, Minister of Local Affairs and Environment, Riadh Mouakher, and Minister of Education, Hatem Ben Salem